Friday, 17 August 2018


Once apon a time a transformer was named 
Bubble bee and he was  broken down in a old city that was never found for a 100 years. He  was waiting for someone to fix him but no one was there to help him so he kept on waiting and waiting antil a transformer came to help and his name was Optimus prime and he was the leader of the transformers. Soon they found some transformers that were good and amazing at fighting and they had dinosaur transformers and there were 5 and they took one at at a time.  and Optimus prime was the boss of the dinosaur boss transformer that was the biggest of all dinosaurs. now they had a chase to beat Megatron and his robots .that are bad  and wanted to take over the world so they can make it evil so the city can go down so they can make a an evil evil one then there other one. cause octopus pride and his robots destroyed his planet. now he wanted a New one so he can take over it so it can be evil then there other one that was destroyed the end.